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Bui Quoc Bao receives visa to study in Switzeland – a sweet-as-honey result

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Bui quoc Bao Visa News

Bui Quoc Bao receives visa to study in Switzeland – a sweet-as-honey result

Congratulation to Bui Quoc Bao for receiving Visa to go study abroad in Switzerland at Business and Hotel Management School, Lucerne – Bachelor program in Hotel Management and Hospitality. This result is the sweet prize for his dream and effort, and also for the support of his family and friends

  • Full name: Bui Quoc Bao
  • Year of Birth:       1999
  • Place of Birth:     Hanoi

Bui quoc Bao Visa News

Bui Quoc Bao received visa to study in Switzerland

✪ I am currently finishing my Year 12 at Vietnam – Australia High school, a high-ranking semi international school in Vietnam.

Since secondary school, I have been familiar with the English language, international teachers and international study environment, and I have been wishing to go study abroad since then. In my opinion, studying abroad is my chance to enhance my knowledge, learn new technologies, explore new cultures and make international friends.

I have done research and was surprised with a long-standing traditional in high quality educational system in Switzerland. There are top- ranked university, top-ranked hotel management school and top-ranked banking and business school.

That is why I want to go to Switzerland for my studying abroad. Fortunately, I found Business and Hotel Management School in Lucerne – one of the best school for Hotel management in Switzerland. Especially, at BHMS, the school programs are flexible, provides the combination between theories and paid – internship, gives students the opportunities to work in respected hotel and restaurant for real-life experiences.

 Bui Quoc Bao’s study plan in Switzerland:

  • School name: BHMS – Business and Hotel Management School, Lucerne.
  • Start date of English course: Duration: 03 months
  • Bachelor program in Restaurant and Hotel management: Duration: 36 months

Once my program is over, I commit to come back to Vietnam. I believe with my knowledge, experiences and skills that are gained from Switzerland, I can easily find a job in an international hotel or resort.

Goodluck for you !

Julia Tran

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