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New Ocean has about 60 staffs. The only head office is located on No.37 Lane 121 Thai Ha Street, Dong Da District, Hanoi. This address has not changing since 10 years ago. We has been developed education oversea market in Northern Vietnam with the leadeing objectives. In near future, we will open new branch in HCMC.
Our main services are Oversea study and Immigration Consultancy. New Ocean is a multi-country oversea study consultancy, we provide unlimited options to meet the requirements of Vietnamese students. Immigration consultancy is focus on Australia market.
After 10 years of development, New Ocean has been become one of the best education consultants of Vietnamese students in Northern by below factors:
• New Ocean is representative of Friendly, Enthusiasm and Speed
• New Ocean meets the requirements of all customer
• New Ocean is a leader in religiousness and enthusiasm of services
• New Ocean has a professional working process.
New Ocean has more than 500 partners of schools and educational organizations. You choose us because:
• New Ocean is a remarkable brand in Northern Vietnam
• New Ocean has a varied customer source
• New Ocean has a professional and effective team of consultant and martketing staffs
Foreign Affairs Department has 4 members:
• Mr. David Mai – Manager (davidmai@newocean.edu.vn)
• Ms. Julia Tran – Deputy Manager
• Ms. Ann Hoàng – (fad2@newocean.edu.vn)
• Ms. Hannah Nguyen - (fad3@newocean.edu.vn)
The rate of urbanization in Vietnam is now approximately 36% and it will be increased by 50% in 10 years. Vietnamese family’s income will be higher. The proportion of the population which meet the requirement of oversea study in finance and foreign language is increasing, which are factors that create the potential for oversea study and immigration products.
Besides, less-developed educational quality and environment in Vietnam move students to go abroad in other countries.

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